IDM Analyse, Manage and Verify
your energy data and consumption.
We are driven to help rescue our planet
and save you money on resources.

We are...

  • A team of passionate and skilled professionals.

  • A Measurement and Verification Consultancy.

  • Level 2 BBBEE and 51% black-owned.

  • Trained and experienced in M&V and Renewable
    Energy and Energy Management.

  • Proud to offer more than 10 years experience in the
    Energy Auditing, Energy Management,
    Tariff Analysis and Renewable Energy Modelling fields.

  • Based in the Nelson Mandela Metro and
    operate nationally.

  • Registered with the South African National Energy
    Development Institute (SANEDI), South African Association
    of Energy Efficiency
    Confederation (SAEEC).

  • Internationally accredited through the Association
    of Energy Engineers.

idm - wind and solar

The IOT provides tremendous opportunity to identify inefficiencies through analysis of data. However, many businesses have limited visibility beyond financial data.

IDM Solutions specialises in the analysis of energy data to provide valuable independent business intelligence
and advice on energy cost and emission reductions.

idm - power lines

IDM Solutions design and implement Energy
Management Systems, based on our clients’ needs. The management systems create the necessary feedback loops to management to actively manage and monitor energy use. This systematic approach has proven to be the most effective method to maintain
energy costs and emission reductions.

idm renewable energy

We offer independent and impartial verification of energy projects to help to reliably determine energy and related carbon emission savings. IDM follows best practice guidelines within the industry, allowing us to provide our
clients with a comprehensive and verified solution, through each step of the process.

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